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Why should owners register their vessel under the Maltese flag?

One of the often asked question posed to our legal specialists is precisely why should vessel owners choose to register their vessel under the Maltese flag. The answer to this is a direct one – precisely because of multitude of advantages derived therefrom. These benefits include, but are not li...

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Anti-Money Laundering Advisory Services

It is an undisputed fact that each and every endeavour comes along with extents and limitations. The same applies for remote gaming companies, which, despite all the favourable elements that help to make this industry a continuously blooming one, also demand that certain precautions are taken. A...

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Further Incentives to Invest in Malta – Malta Budget 2018

The Malta Budget 2018 has not only built upon the previous years' positive incentives, but introduced fresh schemes that are both individual and business friendly. Touching upon those areas that mostly affect families and enterprises alike, Malta could once again be described as a hub for favour...

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Parental Leave – Answers to oft-asked questions

In a society where families are becoming all the more symmetrical, parental leave constitutes a matter that interests many young couples, adoptive parents and foster carers alike. Working parents and guardians are given the opportunity to invest quality time in the upbringing of those who fall u...

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Employers’ Rights to monitor workers limited by the European Court of Human Rights

Last Tuesday, 5th September, 2017, the European Court of Human Rights limited the employers’ ability to monitor employees’ emails, overturning an earlier ruling that was suggestive of giving a more lenient leeway with regard to the scrutiny of communications held during working hours. &n...

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Welcome to Éclat Legal

We consider every mountain as an invitation to climb, and every challenge as an opportunity to succeed. Being in the heart of the island’s hard-earned reputation as an effective international hub for financial, commercial and international services, it is our ethos to provide excellent legal and adv...

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