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Insolvency & Restructuring Law

Insolvency & Restructuring Law

Undeniably, corporate insolvency and subsequent bankruptcy scenarios haul along a series of legal issues, which, in turn, lead to various other difficulties, including, the compromise of certain stakeholder rights and the ranking of creditors. In the majority of times, therefore, the company would need to be soundly guided by lawyers who hold expertise in the field so that, possibly, no destrcutive domino effect would take place.

Our team provides guidance and advice with regard to both liquidation as well as bankruptcy proceedings, extending to various procedures that are inevitably involved each and every time in the winding up process. Our advice is not merely confined to local borders, but extends itself also to cross-border scenarios.

In order to provide comprehensive guidance, our experts primarily make a thorough analysis of all the possible restructuring or corporate recovery solutions that might be available, in a manner that exhausts all other ordinary remedies prior to the eventual liquidation. Should no such remedies be any longer available, our team proceeds to give step-by-step advice on all the formalities that relate to the dissolution of companies. It is worth delineating that client representation is secured throughout the entire process, making sure that our clients do at no point feel as if they are wading in a river in full flood. In order to ensure sound analysis and reliable conclusions, searches relating to assets and liabilities in the public records are also conducted.

A practice which is greatly appreciated by our clients is the fact that our team can also act as liquidators. In the eventuality, however, that a liquidator has already been appointed, legal support to the same is provided.

Our team helps with the crucial practice of protecting stakeholder interests and also gives solid legal advice with regard to the ranking of creditors’ rights.

While Eclat does its utmost to help reach amicable settlements, unfortunately there are instances where contentious proceedings cannot be avoided. Our experts also feature in the handling thereof.

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