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Planning & Development

Planning & Development

Local planning laws are continuously undergoing evolution, bringing along new sets of policies and regulations to be added to the existing legal regime. These frequent updates comprise new sets of obligations on applicants, as well as an embodiment of rights granted to third parties, including the right to file in an objection against a particular proposed development together with the subsequent right to appeal granted to both applicant and objector.

Our team, working closely with architects and consultants across Gozo & Malta, offers sound advice in this area, which includes, but which is certainly not limited to:

  • Thorough research prior to the submission of any development permission application, so as to save the applicant the time- and resource-consuming exercise of having to submit new and revised plans;
  • Follow-up of any pending development permission applicant, including requests and attendance to meetings with Planning Authority representative should need be;
  • Submissions of objections in a timely manner against any proposed development;
  • Filing in of the necessary complaints against any existing illegal developments;
  • Filing in of the opportune replies and notes with regard to Development Permission Reports;
  • Legal representation at hearings of the Authority, the Commission or the Tribunal pending the issue of a decision regarding a development permission application;
  • Researched advice with regard to all the rights and obligations of individuals when these are notified with any Enforcement Notices, Stop Notices and Notices of direct action.

Our team fully understands that time is of utmost importance for applicants who seek to develop their land or redevelop their property; hence, all queries are dealt with upon request. For those individuals having property in the Maltese Islands but who reside abroad, our team also offers representation.

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